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Panther Partners

Panthers Baseball Club is Partnering with Next Level Sports Academy for Youth Baseball... Learn about Next Level and their Coaches below:


​ Next Level Sports Academy, LLC 

3156 Philadelphus Rd. 

Pembroke, NC 28372 

Cell - 910.827.2165 

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Next Level Philosophy

Our philosophy is to train each child holistically through commitment, dedication, intentional practice and respect. All coaches must have qualified experience and not just in the game, but educating youth in the sport of baseball.

Who we are.

Next Level Sports Academy, LLC (NL) stands as a cornerstone grassroots organization in Robeson County, NC, particularly dedicated to nurturing youth baseball. Since its establishment in 2014, NL has undergone a remarkable transformation. Starting as a batting cage, it has evolved into a comprehensive facility boasting a youth-sized field, a high school-sized field, indoor hitting cages, pitching tunnels, an educational room, meeting spaces, an 80x60 open barn cage, and fully equipped restrooms and showers. 

NL's influence extends across Robeson County, with a focus on the Pembroke area, and reaches into neighboring Scotland County, NC. The academy concentrates its efforts on youth development, discipline, and commitment, targeting the age group of 6 to 12-year-olds. The emphasis lies not only on refining baseball skills but also instilling values crucial for personal growth. 

One of the significant considerations for NL is catering to the diverse demographics of Robeson County while ensuring accessibility and affordability for families. Striking a balance between remaining feasible and offering top-notch opportunities for players is a priority. The academy's commitment to maintaining affordability while providing high-quality resources and training underscores its dedication to the community's youth. 

NL's mission transcends merely honing baseball prowess; it seeks to create an environment conducive to holistic growth. Through structured programs and facilities, NL aims to mold well-rounded individuals who understand the value of dedication, teamwork, and perseverance both on and off the field. 

Addressing the demographic challenges within the region, NL continually explores innovative approaches to keep its programs accessible and effective. Collaboration with local entities, fundraising initiatives, scholarships, and community engagement are key strategies employed to sustain NL's mission while supporting the families it serves. 

Youth to “Teen” Transition Vision: 

Next Level Sports Academy is strategically partnering with Panthers Baseball Club to expand its scope to funnel ages 13 and up to the Panthers organization, while maintaining its community-focused ethos for the ages 12 and under. Acknowledging the challenges faced in serving older age groups due to its community-focused approach, NL will partner with Panthers Baseball to achieve a mutual alliance as our values of integrity, family-friendliness, and accountability are in common. 

By forging a partnership with Panthers Baseball Club, NL is creating a partnership that synergizes strengths and resources, while preserving NL's core values, the academy will achieve to create a seamless transition for players as they progress in their baseball journey with a trusted partner. Next Level Sports Academy remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing the 6-12-year-olds, providing them with a solid foundation in baseball skills and fostering personal development. NL aims to cultivate these young athletes into well-rounded individuals equipped with the necessary skills and mindset to excel in their athletic endeavors. 

The goal remains to provide a pathway for these aspiring athletes to progress, ensuring that their journey in baseball continues to flourish beyond NL's program. This strategic collaboration not only enriches the offerings for the community, but also opens doors for older players to benefit from NL's proven developmental approach while staying true to its commitment to fostering a supportive, family-oriented environment. 

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